Lady Jane's Salon OC

Lady Jane's Salon OC is a satellite of the original Lady Jane's in NYC

Welcome to Lady Jane’s Salon Orange County

GypsyDenAnaheimJoin us the second Monday of every month from 7-9PM at the

Gypsy Den Alt Cafe

211 W Center Street Promenade, Anaheim, CA 92805

(714) 956-4400

Romance fiction is the largest segment of the publishing industry, with 74 million loyal readers generating 1.36 billion in sales. Visit us at the Salon and take part in our thriving, fun Orange County community of industry professionals, published and aspiring authors, and readers.

April 14, 2014                                                              May 12, 2014

Elena Dillon                                                                Libby Waterford

Brenna Aubrey                                                            Sabrina Darby

GVR Corcillo                                                                 Dee J. Adams

Jewel Quinlan                                                              Sara Lindsey

June 9, 2014                                                              July 14, 2014                                                

Linda O. Johnston                                                       Zoe Archer

Sharon Hamilton                                                    Shauna Roberts

Beth Yarnall                                                                  Nico Rosso

         TBD                                                                         Jenn LeBlanc

August 11, 2014                                              September 8, 2014

Melissa Cutler                                                                   TBD

Pamela Moran                                                                   TBD

   Skylar Kade                                                                      TBD

       TBD                                                                                  TBD

October 13, 2014                                            November 10, 2014

   Sylvie Fox                                                                  Elizabeth Boyle

       TBD                                                                           Debra Mullins

       TBD                                                                            Beth Yarnall

       TBD                                                                              Felice Fox

December 8, 2014                                              January 12, 2015

      TBD                                                                                     TBD

      TBD                                                                                     TBD

      TBD                                                                                    TBD

      TBD                                                                                    TBD

                        TBD= an available date

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