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Christine Ashworth ~ July 13, 2015


Christine Ashworth will read from her novel Guarded Star.

A rock n’ roll legend brought them together. Another may tear them apart…

Jake Wells just wants to go on vacation. But a promise to a dead man means he’ll play bodyguard to singer/songwriter Evie Marcherand on her first three-city tour. Threats against Evie have been escalating—someone wants to stop her music, permanently.

Everyone leaves Evie, so she’s learned that all she can count on is her songs and her guitar. As she begins her bid for rock n’ roll legitimacy, a friend from her past, now with his own stardom at stake, threatens to derail her future

So, about me. The short version of the bio is, I’m still 17 at heart, I used to be a ballet dancer and yes, I still miss dancing the way I did when I was 17. I’m a romantic from way back, and I’m a writer who currently has a Day Job as an Office Manager.

ChristineAshworth1I grew up in San Diego, fell in love with another dancer, and married him. We’ve got two tall sons and live in Ventura County, California. But probably one of the most important things to know about me is, I’m a hugger. I hug. I touch. It’s one of the ways I process people. So if you see me coming, know I’ll reach out and give you a hug.

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Tonya Plank ~ July 13, 2015


Tonya Plank will read from her novel Fever.

Rory once had a promising ballet career, but tragedy and illness destroyed it. She turned her life around and became a lawyer. Now at the start of her law career, she lacks passion in her work and self-confidence in her abilities. But when she meets gorgeous, mysterious Russian ballroom dancer, Sasha, at a firm holiday party, her passions for life and dance are immediately re-kindled.

Since being torn from his Siberian family as a child, Sasha’s life ambition has been to become world Latin ballroom champion, a path he was destined for until his former partner pulled the plug on their partnership. She went on to win the world title, leaving him, without a partner equal in ability, forever in second place. The second he lays eyes on Rory, he recognizes the depth of her passion and talent, and falls hard for her in more ways than one.

But for their partnership – both on and off the dance floor – to work, each will have to overcome stubbornness, fears and insecurities, past traumas, jealous and vengeful former partners, and, most seriously, those proverbial skeletons in their closets that will threaten not only their love but their very lives.

author_headshot_bruce_11-260x300 (2)Tonya Plank grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, but spent most of her adult life in New York, working as a criminal appeals attorney. After she’d had enough of that, she moved back out West to focus on writing. She currently lives in Southern California and writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction.

While working as a lawyer, Tonya developed a passion for ballroom dancing, which rekindled her childhood love of ballet. For several years, she wrote a dance blog, Swan Lake Samba Girl, journaling her experiences learning to ballroom dance, and reviewing various ballet and modern dance performances in NYC.

Tonya’s first novel, Swallow, an edgy chick-lit comedy about a lawyer with the psychosomatic disorder, Globus Hystericus, won gold medals in the Independent Publisher and Living Now Book Awards and was a finalist in the ForeWord Book of the Year and National Indie Excellence Awards. Her first romance series, FEVER, set in the world of ballroom dancing, will be published in early summer 2015.

Tonya loves taking road trips with her rescue dog, Sofia, shopping for clothes used in movies and TV shows at It’s A Wrap in Burbank, devouring Mexican food and Cadillac margaritas, sweating to dance-based workouts, curling up with her cats and a good novel, and, of course, watching dance performances of all kinds.

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Diane Benefiel ~ July 13, 2015


Diane Benefiel will read from her novel Shot Through the Heart.

Rane Smith’s nerves are nearly shot. With her ex-boyfriend, a member of a drug cartel, about to get out of prison, every instinct urges her to run as far away as she can get. But her elderly father’s failing health makes that impossible. And if the ex-boyfriend discovers her part in his conviction, he’ll have even more reason to come after her.

Undercover Seattle police detective John Garretson’s job is to find a way to get close to Rane. As her new tenant, he can sit back and wait until her ex shows up. He and his narcotics task force are on the edge of breaking their biggest case wide open and his new landlady is the key. But she’s also sexy as hell and the simmering attraction between them is distracting. Odd, she doesn’t seem the type who’d be involved in the illicit world of drug dealing…

Rane’s secrets are eating away at her and she has no interest in another relationship sure to end in heartbreak. Why won’t John mind his own business? And why, even when he sparks her temper, does she find him so appealing? When her ex’s brother, a sinister drug lord, forces Rane into a treacherous game of cat and mouse both of their lives are on the line and John’s cover may be blown. Can he save them both and put the criminals behind bars?

Diane BenefielAuthor Diane Benefiel enjoys writing contemporary romantic suspense. A high school history teacher in her day job, she finds time to write in the evenings and on weekends. Diane enjoys spending time with her husband and two mostly-grown children, and she and her husband have recently bought a tent trailer and are planning on hitting the open highway to expand their ‘been there’ list. Visit to stay abreast of new happenings.

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