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Lady Jane's Salon OC is a satellite of the original Lady Jane's in NYC

Erin Satie ~ December 8, 2014

The-Secret-Heart-Web-SmallErin Satie will read from her novel The Secret Heart.

Caroline Small is a young lady of modest means who wants a secure, comfortable life for herself. Which is to say, she’s a fortune-hunter.

She meets her ideal match on a visit to the country: the Earl of Bexley. He’s rich, handsome, and honorable enough to fall right into her trap.

Or he used to be, anyhow. These days, Bexley wants nothing to do with the gentlemanly virtues he was raised to uphold. Instead, he lives for nights of bare-knuckled boxing, for the match when he finally puts a bigger, stronger man down for the count.

Caro’s beauty tempts Bexley. Her scandalous passion for ballet dancing intrigues him. But he sees the naked ambition behind Caro’s charm, and he won’t be captured like prey.

Except it seems he just can’t resist an opportunity be alone with her….barn me

Erin Satie grew up in southern California but she currently lives on a small farm in western Kentucky, with a bird and a hunting dog who’s scared of gunfire. She loves travel to far-off places and off-the-beaten-track history, both of which she brings to bear on her historical romance novels.

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December 2014

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