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Sylvie Fox ~ April 13, 2015

shakenSylvie Fox will read from her novel Shaken.

Jessie Morales chose her career over love five years ago. Now she’s finally seeing her hard choices pay off. A possible promotion to the KESP news desk is in the works. Except, right after her boss gives her the good news—an earthquake hits, leaving her trapped in an elevator facing the demons from her past.

LAPD officer Cameron Becker is still recovering from the aftershocks of the earthquake when his estranged wife calls—panicked and trapped. He doesn’t hesitate to rush to her rescue. He lost her once. He can’t lose her again.

Yet, when the physical danger has passed, unforgotten longing rises to the surface. He’d made a solemn vow on their wedding day: Once mine, always mine. But Jessie’s not convinced. The fallout from their first breakup nearly broke her—she can’t risk the devastation a second time.

With both their careers on the line, both of their families determined to keep them apart, and the unresolved betrayals from the past, can Cameron convince Jessie to take a risk when fate offers them a second chance?

Sylvie Fox’s characters have much more interesting lives she does. They are far more daring, never have bad weather, and drive nicer cars. But, if you’re interested sylvie fox
in the formative years of this author, here goes.

She was born in Brooklyn, New York during the 1970s. Her parents were divorced soon thereafter – and she spent many of her childhood years riding in cars or cabs across Brooklyn and Queens. After high school, she went to Smith College where she earned a degree in English Language & Literature. Which means that her parents paid a pretty penny for her to read all day in her pajamas. Then she went to law school at Cornell. To this day, she’s not sure why she did that. The good news is that she met her husband there.

She doesn’t know which she quit more times, writing or the law. After law school, she wrote for various newspapers in and around Cleveland, Ohio. She also took and passed the bar. She quit writing to practice law. For about five years, she represented abused children, divorcing spouses, and criminal defendants. After all that stress, writing seemed like a breeze. She quit practicing law and moved out to sunny Los Angeles. She wrote one book, got an agent and couldn’t sell it, then took and passed another bar. For another five years she practiced corporate and real estate law. Nearly bored to death, she quit the law again, wrote two more books, which sold.





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