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Lady Jane's Salon OC is a satellite of the original Lady Jane's in NYC

RN Crane ~ November 10, 2015

ebook sezedRN Crane will read from his novel Murder in the OC.

A murder in Orange County, California, puts private eye, Flint Osborne, hot on the trail to prove the innocence of his ex-fiancee. She is a suspect in the murder of Star Hansen, the man she was dating while she was engaged to Flint.
In a seemingly unrelated situation, Flint is tasked to perform due diligence on the dress designer business owned by Melody Sparks. While Flint is evaluating Melody’s business, he falls in love with her.
As Flint’s investigation continues, he is almost killed by one of the murder suspects. However, in the end, he uncovers a secret link between the lives of two individuals that ultimately solves the case.

R.N. CraneR.N. Crane lives in Orange, California. He is a retired engineering consultant writing romantic suspense and detective crime novels. “Murder in the O.C.” is his newest novel.
He is a member of Orange County Writers and Romance Writers of America.

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November 2015

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