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Maggie Marr ~ June 12, 2016

Billionaire-ACA-Cover-8Maggie Marr will read from her novel A Convenient Arrangement.

Leo Travati loves women, he just never wants to be married. He’s the poster boy for the Convenient Arrangement App, which facilitates ‘convenient’ hook ups for high-end executive.

Gwen Fleming knows what Leo Travati is all about. Her best friend is his sister-in-law. And while Gwen knows they want completely different lifestyles, she can’t fight this attraction for Leo.

What happens when both Gwen and Leo throw away their dating rules to explore their feelings for one another? Will they forgo a happily-ever-after to maintain a Convenient Arrangement?

Maggie Marr is the author of contemporary romance and women’s fiction. She Maggie-Marrwrites smart, sexy, women and the men they love.

She got her start in Hollywood pushing the mail cart at ICM, but quickly rose through the ranks to become a motion picture literary agent. As well as writing, she maintains a boutique legal practice dedicated to the needs of creatives & entrepreneurs.

She is the current President of Los Angeles Romance Authors (LARA) and legal adviser to the Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA).

Maggie loves all things pop culture and when she isn’t taking care of her clients or writing she can be found reading, chasing kids, or exercising her rescue pup.

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June 2016

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