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Christine Ashworth ~ September 11, 2016

rising-star-new-coverChristine Ashworth will read from her novel Rising Star.

It’s going to take military planning to conquer her heart…

When Conway gets Maria Teresa Juanita Martinez Coleridge a gig at the famed Topaz Room in L.A., she figures she’s on her way. She’s aiming for stardom, and doesn’t need the elusive owner paying her too much attention. He’s a man who wears blondes like other men wear underwear. He couldn’t possibly be interested in a dumpy Latina with a potty mouth.

Wealthy Randall Blue has a background in black ops with the military. He knows how to use people as camouflage, and then discard them without drawing blood. Mia Coleridge, with her street smarts, sharp tongue, and quick brain, is just the person he needs to use to get close to a suspected arms dealer. But he finds he’s enjoying her company so much, he doesn’t want to set the final op into action.

When the sting goes sour and Mia learns the truth about his deception, Blue realizes that she’s become much more to him than a pawn in the game. And when he is the one discarded, he finds to his surprise that it will take more than his bleeding christine-headshot-2016heart on his sleeve to win her back.

Christine Ashworth grew up in San Diego, fell in love with another dancer, and married him. She has two tall sons and lives in the Los Angeles area of California. She has been writing for fifteen years, and has no plans to stop. Still 17 at heart, she is a die-hard romantic and hopes to one day match her fathers’ record of over 350 published fiction books.

You can find her on her website and blog:, where she writes about life, cooking, gardening, and wine.

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September 2016

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